Copyright (c) 2004-2015 Leznad Software & Hosting, Danie de Beer, +27 83 611 1760 Wildlife Management for Android Administrator NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, YOUR MIND IS THE LIMIT... Application Notes: KNOWN ISSUES * Not designed for Tablets Yet    Any device with a Screen size > 4” * Only Portraint Mode currently supported.   Lanscape give a funny look... * Some device Startup with a “Label” Error   Just Cancel and Start the Application again.   The Second time it go in. * Only tested from Android 2.20 > 4.2.2   Not tested on the newest Android 5 Devices * Some Devices Camera don’t activate the first   time. Just click “Take Photo” and then the   camera initializes. HOW TO INSTALL Fill in the form under the BETA window. You will receive a download link on the last page Once the app is Downloaded (Normally stored on your device SDCARD0, and downloads folder Before installation. Please check the following. Under settings, goto - Security, - Click Unknown Sources    Allow installing non-play store    applications Click on the wildmang.apk file When you run the App. please make sure that the GPS is connected. FUTURE UPDATES All updates will be released on a 2 weekly bases. Beta Subscribers will receive a email with the new download link Critical Updates will be issued within 48hours IN THE PIPELINE Not in a specific order. - Maps for veterenarians - Maps for Animal Last Posistion seen - Medicine Database, what to use where - Live update for Stock for Sale - Live update on Stock available - Poor/Bad Agents/Sellers/Resellers Database - Maps for Camp Areas and Stock in that area - Backup of Data to Cloud Service - USER REQUESTS Windows Program - Integration fo Data From/To Windows and Android Device - Automatically backup of Data to Cloud service - USER REQUESTS HOW TO REGISTER THE PROGRAM 1. Send a email to Provide the following information a. Name & Surname b. Farm/Company Name c. Contact Telephone Number d. Email Address e. Long Serial Number on Device We will send a Pro-Forma Invoice to you. Once Payment has been received a unlocking code will be SMS to the cellphone number provided BETA SUBSCRIBERS RECEIVE OUR WINDOWS APPLICATION FREE