Copyright (c) 2004-2015 Leznad Software & Hosting, Danie de Beer, +27 83 611 1760 DRAG RACING PRO Administrator NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, YOUR MIND IS THE LIMIT... Drag Racing Pro - Race Timing System Use this software to manage a Complete Drag Race. The software alone can be run in SIMULATION mode, to see the inner workings, but to FULLY use the software you need the CONTROLLER BOX, to manager lights/Christmas tree and timing System. OPTIONS: 1. Venue Updates 2. Drivers Database 3. Race Entries 4. Participation Certificates / 1st, 2nd, 3rd Certificates 5, Real or Simulation Mode 6. Additional TIMING displayed on seperate window for Spectators/public 7. Timing done according tin the DRAG RACE MANUAL 2013. 8. Customized Reports 9. History of all races/Venues/Drivers Contact us for a FREE Quotations DOWNLOAD A DEMO COPY HERE